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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brisbane coldest in 103 years

With temperatures below zero in much of Queensland some global warming would be appreciated. Of course if 100 year high temperature records were being broken the climate "scientists" would be all over it like blowflies at a barbecue. The ABC has the story:
Barbed wire covered in ice
Barbed wire ice sculpture

Brisbane has recorded its coldest morning in 103 years, with low temperatures also being felt across the rest of Queensland.
The weather bureau says the state's capital dropped to 2.6 degrees Celsius just before 7:00am (AEST) on Saturday.
Bureau spokeswoman Michelle Berry said it has been exceptionally cold and temperatures are still dropping.
"[It's been] the coldest morning since 1911, so it's quite a record there," she said.
Clermont in central Queensland had record-low temperatures on Friday, but broke records again on Saturday morning with the temperature dropping down to -4.5C.
Blackall recorded lows of -2.0C, Roma saw temperatures of -6.6C, and Oakey was down to -6.1C.
Further south in the state, Kingaroy reached -5.7C, Dalby dropped to -5.0C, Applethorpe was -5.4C, and Warwick recorded -5.9C.

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