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Friday, July 18, 2014

Factum est - it is done!

Factum est is what Christopher Pyne tweeted to Tony Abbott as Australia's parliament voted to end the iniquitous carbon tax that over 5 years had cost the careers of 3 Prime Ministers, Howard, Rudd and Gillard and  one Opposition Leader  - Malcolm Turnbull. Australia leads the world in rolling back the Global Warming hysteria gripping the globe and more will follow Tony Abbott's lead.
AT 11.14am yesterday, Tony Abbott was delivered a victory in the Senate after five years of hard political campaigning and two election mandates to repeal the carbon tax.
At 2pm yesterday, the political momentum began to shift in the House of Representatives.
The Prime Minister was able to point to the fulfilment of one of his biggest promises and at the same time start to deflect the pressure of an obstructed and unpopular budget back on to Bill Shorten and Labor.
The Opposition Leader’s earlier ongoing commitment to a carbon price and Greens leader Christine Milne’s vow to seek an even more rigorous system of carbon pricing has already aligned Labor and the Greens on carbon pricing in opposition as they were in government.
With his budget and political standing under pressure, Abbott dearly needed a clear victory to demonstrate his authority and deflate the impression of a chaotic parliament.
Now he has it. Although any substantial climate change policy is in abeyance Abbott can now reassure households about lower prices for electricity and gas.
When the smelly carcass of the carbon tax should have been buried given the political price paid by it's proponents Labor leader Bill Shorten picked it up and hung it around his neck proclaiming that it would be re-introduced by Labor as  an ETS. The Coalition , reeling in the polls could not hope for a better gift.

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