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Monday, July 28, 2014

Lifestyle babies climate change threat!

Global threat
More Malthusian nonsense from the true believers as now apparently IVF babies are a climate change threat according to a professor from Massachusetts , Cristina Ricci . 

Scientists have called for a blanket ban on free fertility treatment for those making "lifestyle" reproductive choices, such as sterilization reversal or single motherhood for fertile women. 

They have also called for a legislation that makes fertility clinics subject to carbon capping schemes, in a bid to help curb climate change. 

This has made professor Cristina Richie of Boston College, Massachusetts, say that only those who are medically infertile through no fault of their own should be eligible for government funded treatment. She singles out fertility treatments (assisted reproductive technologies, or ART for short) because they not only produce a carbon footprint as a result of the resource they consume, but also create a carbon legacy. 

And she points out "Assisted reproductive technologies are typically given in places with enormously large carbon footprints". 

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