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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BOM - Government acts!

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The government has ordered BOM to establish the independent advisory panel recommended 2 years ago which of course has not happened , The BOM said the panel was "in progress" and due to be completed next year displaying the complete incompetence of the organisation taking three years to do a job requiring a few weeks. The parliamentary secretary has said it is to be completed this year.

From Graham Lloyd of the Australian:
THE Bureau of Meteorology has been ordered to bring forward the creation of a panel of external ­experts to oversee the national homogenised temperature record, ACORN-SAT.
The federal government will monitor the technical advisory group to ensure it includes ­respected external scientists and statisticians as recommended by the peer review panel that originally approved the ACORN-SAT methodology.
Simon Birmingham, the parliamentary secretary with responsibility for the weather bureau, said yesterday it had advised that establishment of the oversight panel was “in progress” and due to be completed by next year.
“However, the parliamentary secretary in reviewing the recommendations has brought the completion date forward to the end of 2014,” a spokesman said.
Senator Birmingham would be briefed on the proposed composition of the panel and would “ensure” it had the independence envisaged in the original recommendation, he said.
The bureau has been under pressure to meet the recommendations of its independent peer review panel, which praised the ACORN-SAT program two years ago but said greater transparency was needed.
Last week, the bureau published a full list of adjustments after criticisms that homogenisation had changed cooling trends at some regional weather stations to warming trends.
The bureau has said adjustments are necessary to compensate for changes in equipment or location or after comparisons are made with nearby stations.
The bureau says while homogenisation had changed temperature trends at some stations, the overall national trend for warming has not been affected.
Independent scientists had for two years been calling for the ­publication of the adjustments, as recommended by the peer review panel.
Following their release, scientist Jennifer Marohasy said the bureau had at last acknowledged that it had changed the temperatures at most, if not all, the weather stations making up the network from which national temperature trends were calculated.
“Scrutinise the detail in this document of adjustments and not only is the rationale and methodology indefensible, but it contradicts information published in the official station which is meant to be the go-to document for understanding this official network known as ACORN-SAT,” Dr ­Marohasy said.

In addition to the publication of reasons for adjustments, the peer review panel recommended two years ago a technical advisory group meet annually to review progress on the development and operation of ACORN-SAT.

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