"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Monday, September 8, 2014

Europe chills in August

With summer snow and temperatures in the UK and Germany up to 1.5 degrees below normal in August the global warming scam is wearing thin for the long-suffering Europeans.

Germany has been cooling for the last 17 years and I find it odd that the Germans cannot bring themselves to fudge the data to agree with the propaganda as the US  has done. From NoTricksZone:
Temperature germany 17 years

The DWD -Germany's Weather Bureau is ultra-alarmist even to the extent of showing global warming on it's logo - the graph looking completely out of touch with the reality above.
German Weather Service, To Start Page


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