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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Green Jesus for Global Warming Religious Cult

It is official - Global Warming is now a religion and even has it's own green Jesus according to the Huffington Post .  Newsbusters has the story:
Green Jesus. That is the image that now greets visitors to the Huffington Post Religion page at the very top. If you think that the Huffington Post has an agenda it is pushing, you would be correct. A total of seven stories are devoted to the topic of global warming in general and Sunday's "People's Climate March NYC" in particular.
The extent that the Huffington Post is inappropriately using religion to push a worldwide political program of big spending programs on a problem that doesn't exist can be seen in the "religion" articles used to hype this agenda. The desperation of the Huffington Post to link religion with global warming alarmism produces some hilarious results starting with the very title of this article, Green Spirit vs Climate Change:
This week's All Together segment is called Green Spirit in honor of the giant People's Climate March happening in New York City and around the world the weekend of September 20th and 21st; and the UN Climate Summit the following week. Raushenbush speaks with environmentalist Bill McKibben, Karenna Gore, and Rabbi Lawrence Troster about the spiritual significance of environmental activism and how religious communities are rallying to help save the environment before it is too late. Plus Raushenbush offers a quick round up of the religious news of the week and picks this week's Saints and Sinners.
Don't miss next week's exciting radio episode of Green Lantern vs Evil Capitalists.

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