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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Greenie Garbage

Disrespectful: Trash can be seen littering the route following the climate change march on Sunday
They tell us there were hundreds of thousands  in New York telling us how we should live and love the planet and to provide a shining example for all of us. Unfortunately the example given was that of pigs .Obviously the sandalista,Communists,activists and fellow travellers crowding into New York to make a political point care little about the environment if the garbage left behind is an example.
The Daily Mail has the story:
Climate change skeptics have branded protesters who marched through Manhattan on Sunday as hypocrites for leaving litter strewn across the city.
New Yorkers uploaded images to social media sites showing piles of trash - included ditched paper and cardboard signs - left behind after thousands took part in the People's Climate March.
'Their love for the Earth is so real, they couldn't even use a trash can,' one critic, known as @chelsea_elisa on Twitter, wrote beneath an image of an overflowing trash can.
'Somehow this doesn't seem too green 2me,' David Kreutzer, a research fellow at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, wrote alongside another photo of litter on the ground.



  1. That's gross. Unfortunately, I see garbage on the streets every day. It's absolutely our - human fault.. We are like virus for the planet. It's really sad.

  2. Really hypocritical... I'm shocked!

  3. I recycle almost 80% or more of the waste here. I put out trash maybe 2 x month! Get in the habit and make yourself aware.The irony is that I use to separate all of my recycling until I noticed our service dumps it all together!! What!?!?

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