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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surprise ,Surprise ! Tony Abbott won't be going to UN climate gabfest next week- too busy

Getting your priorities right!

Tony will join leaders from major emitters Japan, China and India in boycotting Obama's climate love-in in New York as he is "too busy" which is code for "global warming is crap"  as he has been known to say. Foreign minister Julie Bishop will get the job of hearing the Fuhrer-in-Chief explain how he intends to ignore both houses of US legislators to push his idiotic and economy-destroying climate agenda.

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  1. It's a done deal with the Kermits in Paris next year, Obummmer dead ducks together with Hollande avec les "sans dents" [see book by ex Valerie Trierweiler] he'll drag down with him - the EU and USA [well the EPA and Obarmy anyway] ...........Gotta think about the legacy - WORLD EMISSIONS LIMITATION CONTRACT [subject CO2 a harmless life giving gas] - SIGN UP OR ELSE!!!!...... nothing else to worry about bar - par for the course.

    Apart from the African's looking for a free meal ticket, Tuvalu, Maldives and Polynesia - no one else will roll up.