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Sunday, January 29, 2017

120 Billion euros for 5% Electricity Supply in Germany

German wind farm
Ugly Wind Towers blight a picturesque German Village.

Swiss business is concerned about the green energy plans for Switzerland given the disastrous results in Germany ,where wholesale installations of wind and solar at enormous cost and degradation of the beautiful countryside ,are really providing little reliable power.
  NoTricksZone has the story:
The Swiss online Baseler Zeitung here writes how the country’s Association for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech Companies is coming out against Switzerland’s recently proposed green “energy strategy”, saying that it is “fundamentally going in the wrong direction“.

The association fears it will lead to higher costs.

Energy politician Christian Wasserfallen “is pleased” about the message, the Baseler Zeitung writes.

The economy is slowly realizing what a threat the energy strategy poses.”

On the problems of supply reliability from sun and wind power, the Baseler Zeitung reports:

Just how little wind and sun really deliver was actually measured for example by Germany yesterday: The more than 120 billion euros worth of solar panels and wind turbines installed since 2000 delivered 4% and 1% respectively of German power demand.”


  1. Has the ascension of DJT brought you out of hibernation?

    Welcome back!

  2. He is certainly stirring up the Climate scammers.

  3. It's junk electricity based entirely on junk science.The average vehicle lasts longer than the lifespan of a windmill.(Approx.15 yrs)Who will pay for the next round of this garbage when it is already causing energy poverty ?

    1. Being a boatie I doubt that the offshore windmills will last that long.

  4. Welcome back 'on deck' again Baron.

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